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5 things to do for the perfect Sunday afternoon in

5 things to do for the perfect Sunday afternoon in

Maybe you’ve had a crazy busy at work, the weekly chores have taken over, or you’re just about due some one on one mummy and me time. We know that finding opportunities for those moments of connection are oh-so-important and if you’re anything like Tiffy and Tallulah, you’ll agree that a cosy Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to snuggle down and spend some quality time with your mini! 
Here’s Tiffy & Tallulah’s 5 favorite things to do for the perfect Sunday afternoon in… 

Make a blanket fort

Hands up if you remember how fun it was to build your very own hideaway? For this favourite pastime of children everywhere, you will need a whole load of blankets, a pile of pillows, safety pins, toys, fairy lights and a big dose of imagination. 
Even though curling up in a cosy, twinkly-lit blanket fort sounds amazing, we think making it is more than half the fun! It’s time to get creative… 

Bake some cookies. 

Who doesn’t love the smell of a freshly baked cookie drifting through the house? Not only the perfect Sunday afternoon treat, baking cookies with mummy is a memory your mini will keep forever. Plus, when mummy gets something tasty out of it, we think it’s a win, win, win! 

For our favourite fool-proof recipe all you need is butter, sugar, vanilla extract, 1 egg, plain flour, bicarbonate of soda and plain chocolate chunks. Follow our recommended recipe here.

Watch a classic movie (fancy-dress encouraged - you too mummy!) 

You’ve made your amazing blanket fort and your cookies are in the oven. Now it’s time to curl up with a hot chocolate (whipped cream and marshmallows encouraged) to watch a classic Disney movie. Sing-a-long songs, pantomime villains and all our favourite princesses? What more could we wish for…
Tiffy and Tallulah’s favourites? Cinderella, Aladdin or the Lion King. 

Treat yourself to a mani-pedi

No matter how old you are, it’s undeniable that getting a matching mani-pedi feels like a special treat. Our Tiffy & Tallulah Mani & Pedi Kits include a cute pink nail polish and easy to use gems and stickers for a little extra sparkle.
 Choose a full size one for you and pocket-sized version for mini (which includes a water-based and solvent-free nail polish to make it extra safe for sensitive little ones.) 

Take a bath. 

Take your bath time treat to the next level and turn it into a super special bonding experience with the Tiffy & Tallulah Bath Time Pamper Hamper

Pour our indulgent Strawberry & Coconut Bath Milk into a warm bath and let the subtly sweet scent of coconut fill the air, for a slumber-inducing night time soak. 
Tiffy & Tallulah love doing a face mask together in the bath (it saves any messy clean up), so our Pamper Hamper also contains a mummy sized and mini sized gel face mask - not just a fun moment of bonding, it’s also nourishing, ultra-soothing and safe. 

Continue the bonding into bedtime, with matching pink vegan silk sleep masks to add a little bit of luxury to wind down your Sunday and get ready for sleep. (Mummy’s glass of wine not included…) 

And that’s it! The perfect recipe to a cosy Sunday afternoon in with your toddler (or any aged mini!)

Whether you try all of the above for a full day’s treat, or just pick a handful of your favourites, the choice is yours! Share your perfect Sunday moments with us at @tiffyandtallulah and let us know below if you’ve got any Sunday tips, tricks or activities to share with our wonderful Tiffy & Tallulah community.