Meet Tiffy & Tallulah

Our journey started with a face mask...

When beauty-lover Tiffany wouldn’t let her 3-year-old daughter Tallulah use a sheet mask that had some targeted ingredients clearly designed for adult skin, Tallulah wasn’t so understanding.
Tears and a toddler-sized tantrum ensued. Thanks to the quick creation of a homemade paper-towel mask, Tallulah was happy! But Tiffany was left wondering – how many of her beauty products would she really feel happy putting on Tallulah’s skin? The answer was not many!
But Tallulah loves to copy her mummy and be involved in her beauty rituals and their bath time pamper sessions are moments that Tiffany cherishes. Lightning struck and Tiffany had an idea – what if she could create a luxurious range of beauty products and accessories developed especially for mummies and their minis, that both her and Tallulah could enjoy happily together?
A range with matching products and formulas that are effective for grown-ups, but gentle enough for young skin too? Tiffy & Tallulah was born. But we’re not just about beauty products.
From the packaging to the playtime, Tiffy & Tallulah helps mums create precious bonding moments that come through a shared beauty routine, whilst introducing your minis to beauty in a safe, fun and positive way.

Mummies make the best role models after all