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How to host the ultimate slumber party!

How to host the ultimate slumber party!


Every little one will tell you that sleepovers are the best. Films, food and playing with your friends until midnight? The most Fun. Thing. Ever.

For busy mums and dads though, we know a kids’ sleepover doesn’t always add up to be the most relaxing evening imaginable. So, if you’re hosting a night in for a horde of excitable young girls or boys, read on for Tiffy & Tallulah’s guide on how to host the ultimate slumber party, earn yourself some serious parent-points and make sure you end the evening without feeling completely frazzled.

Plan some activities

One sure-fire way to keep young ones entertained? Help them to create their very own photo collages. Not only is this a fun and engaging way to keep your guests busy, but they also get to take home a cute keepsake from a joyful night spent with their friends.

For collage-creativity, we recommend you stock up on scrapbooks and glue, but also things like ribbons, coloured pens, glitter and stickers, so that your guests can decorate and personalise their sleepover souvenir. If you have one, a polaroid-style instant camera makes it super easy to create your photo-collages straight away.

After this, grab a few of your favourite Tiffy & Tallulah products so that each guest can take part in a mini pamper session. Our Hair Bows and Sleeping Eye Masks are ideal for matching cuteness and designed specially for your little ones. The perfectly-sized eye masks will also help encourage sleep when it’s time for lights out…

Plenty of snacks

Instead of committing yourself to cooking a meal for everyone, stock up on plenty of finger food and snacks. It’s easier than catering to everyone’s tastes and the little ones will have something yummy to munch on throughout the evening. Don’t forget to check with your guests’ parents if their children have any food allergies or intolerances and watch out for those sugar rushes…

Recyclable paper plates and cups are easily cleaned away after the party and you won’t need to worry about anything being broken in small hands. As an extra bonus, it also means less washing up– win win!

The perfect movie

Once everyone has created their photo collages and eaten some food, it’s time to get into those PJs and settle down for a feel-good film. If you’ve set up the sleepover party in the living room, everyone will most likely be nestled around the TV already, so you don’t need to worry about shepherding tiny people around the house. Dim the lights, lay out a few snacks and enjoy an hour or two of quiet!

Create a cosy setting

When it’s finally time to turn out the lights, nothing encourages sleep quite like a dreamy bedtime setting.

If you don’t have all the gear already or fancy something extra special there’s such a thing as  professional slumber party companies! Essentially they come in and provide all you need for individual sleep set-ups - usually including items such as blow up mattresses, tents, pillows, duvets and some pretty lighting arrangements. When bedtime is this magical it’s hard not to want to snuggle down! Most companies will also come and set up all the beds for you, as well as take them down, meaning this is one less thing for you to worry about.

If you’re not so keen on hiring in a professional though, it’s super easy to create your own ambience with lots of snuggly blankets, duvets and plenty of fairy lights.

A Mummy and Me sleepover!

Who says that sleepovers are just for kids? Recreate the magic of childhood as well as spending some quality bonding time, with a slumber party of your very own. Even if you don’t have adult sized tents or would rather not hire out a teepee set, it’s so easy to create slumber party vibes in the comfort of your own home. Settle down on the sofa with a hot chocolate, some popcorn and your favourite Tiffy & Tallulah gifts, for the most perfectly peaceful mummy and me time!

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