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Meet Tiffy

Meet Tiffy


It all started with a face mask… Designed to create a beauty bonding experience for mums and their minis, Tiffy & Tallulah was founded by beauty product developer and mother, Tiffany. 

From the inspiration behind the brand to her best DIY beauty moment, we sat down with Tiffany for a quick-fire Q&A to ask her all about her favourite bonding moments.

Tiffy & Tallulah started with a face mask. Tell us the story!
I’m lucky enough to work in beauty, so when my kids saw me constantly trying out new skincare from exciting looking little bottles, they were desperate to join in and play. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t trust that the products were safe for delicate skin and my kids were left disappointed to say the least. 
The idea for Tiffy & Tallulah really came about one cosy Sunday in with my family. My mum and I were taking a little moment to relax, trying out a La Mer sheet mask each. My daughter Tallulah saw and was adamant she wanted to be involved. Obviously, La Mer is a. Expensive and b. not safe for a toddler, mainly because it contained strong acids and a whole host of other ingredients I just didn’t feel comfortable using on her. This led to tears and a toddler sized tantrum. In the end I made her a sheet mask out of a paper towel with some water sprinkled on… Tallulah absolutely loved it. There we were- 3 generations on the sofa together enjoying a special moment and it just magical. It was there I got the idea to make a range of pampering products that both mummy and mini could enjoy together, hassle free and safely.

What’s important to you when it comes to skincare for children?

It should be a pressure-free, simply fun experience to have with mum. It just shouldn’t be about serious ‘beauty’ at such a young age, it’s all about the experience. Plus, it should be safe for young skin.

What did you want to give people when creating Tiffy & Tallulah?

For me Tiffy & Tallulah was always about giving people an experience, it’s not just about beauty products or accessories. I’m so lucky to be in a position in my job where I can make something safe and special for other mums and dads and their kids. Part of that experience is the products feeling really luxurious and wonderful to use without costing the earth- beautiful products shouldn’t have to break the bank.

What products does Tallulah try and copy/use?

All of my face masks and my favourite Tom Ford lipstick!

I had to create a Lip Kit in the Tiffy & Tallulah range so she could have her very own lippy to hand. She also loves the Tiffy & Tallulah Mani & Pedi Nail kit, because she and her friends are obsessed with doing each other’s nails. Can’t say she’s got the steadiest hand, but they do love playing around with the gems and stickers! It keeps them entertained for ages.

Best thing about having a 3-year old?

So many! Tallulah is my little best mate. We play dress-up, we watch movies, we go for walks…she’s given me so many fun times I can’t even count!

…and the most challenging thing?!

She’s very spirited and sure knows her own mind! What can I say, she takes after her mum! I feel sorry for my husband sometimes…

Favourite Sunday routine?

Tallulah and I have a Sunday ritual. We fill up the tub, pop on our Face Masks and have a big long soak for some ‘us’ time. It’s such a nice way to end the week and the perfect cosy Sunday, especially when it’s raining. This was the inspiration behind two of my favourite Tiffy & Tallulah products actually – the Strawberry & Coconut Bath Soak and the Soothing Gel Face Mask. My 18-month old son usually gets involved too, although he’s a bit too young to appreciate a face mask!

Three things you just can’t live without?

My family are absolutely the most important thing in my life! Followed closely by my job, which I absolutely love and I’m so passionate about. Finally, my gorgeous dog Reggie! He’s basically my third child.

We know that kids love to copy grown-ups! How do you include Tallulah in your beauty routine?

This is so true. As we know at Tiffy & Tallulah - mummies make the best role models! My best advice is that when doing your own beauty routine, look for things you can give to young children so that they can follow along with you, that won’t break or make a mess and are also safe for young skin. That’s exactly why I created Tiffy & Tallulah. It ticks all those boxes, giving mums and dads a way to involve their little ones in a beauty routine, without having to worry or think about it too much. It’s all about introducing little ones to beauty in a safe and fun way.

Does Tiff’s face mask story sound familiar? Share your mini meltdown stories with us - we love to hear from you at @tiffyandtallulah on Instagram and Facebook.