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Matching Hairstyles for Mummy & Mini!

Matching Hairstyles for Mummy & Mini!

Hair is your ultimate crown, however for some minis hair washing, brushing and styling time can be a little tricky.  Whether it's struggling to get a brush through those tangled locks, or sitting down for an extended time, some need a little more persuasion to get those princess perfect tresses! 

Make hair time feel more like a special bonding moment with twinning hair wraps, brushes and bows!  From drying your hair naturally to matching hairstyles for mummy and mini, browse our pretty hair products and use our step-by-step guide to the cutest (and easiest!) hair day ever for both mummy and mini....

Step one – Dry freshly wash locks

Step 1: dry your hair

Ultra-soft and super-absorbent our matching mummy and mini Towel Turbans are super cute and perfect for all hair types. Allowing hair to dry quickly and naturally, simply wrap and button fasten for zero post shower drips.

Image: @neveya_rose_and_me_x


Step two - Tangle-free strands

Gently de-tangle strands

Designed for wet or dry hair and with two-tiered soft bristles, our Hair Brush glides through hair without pulling or breakage. Made for all hair types our and perfect for everyday styling, say goodbye to tears and mini tantrums with our matching mummy and mini brushes.


Step three – Add that bounce

Pop on cute rollers!

Our gentle heat-free rollers are soft enough to use every day (even on mini’s hair) and fun enough to want to! No pins or slips required, simply wrap the hair and firmly press to secure. 

Image: @maddieteddyandme


Step four - Finished with a bow

Pop hair into a mini bun with the tiffy & tallulah hair bow!

The most beautiful accessory to adorn princess tresses, our Hair Bow is soft and gentle, coming out tangle and breakage free. Whether half up, in a mini bun or full swing ponytail, wear yours and minis at the same time for matching cuteness.

Image: @so_kellys