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What to do now there’s a second lockdown in the UK?

What to do now there’s a second lockdown in the UK?

Announced on Saturday, as of the 5th November the UK is officially in lockdown once more... Putting the bigger concerns aside, some of us might just be tearing our hair out at the thought of being stuck inside trying to entertain our little ones and their endless energy, especially if you used up all your best ideas the first time round (please, no more crafts…) Fear not here’s our 5 top tips for snuggling down this winter and entertaining your children in lockdown, part two…

Perform a Play

This one could keep them busy for days! All little ones love to play pretend so why not get them to let out their inner Shakespeare and make up their own play? It’s a great way to get them to use their imagination and the planning, practising, costume designing and setting up for the big performance could take all week! Plus, take it an extra step and get them to make their own stage, set with a seating area for the honoured audience (aka you) along with movie snacks to make the big performance a special night in for everyone.

Cooking Classes

From banana bread to brownies, cupcakes and cookies, in the first lockdown we all did a whoooole lot of baking. This time round we’ll still be turning to the kitchen to keep us entertained but we’re thinking of going down the savoury route. From learning the basics to making mini pizzas, cooking with your mini can be a whole lot of fun, but it’s also a super important skill they’ll have for life, silver linings and all that!

Snuggle Down and Be Cosy

Tiffy & Tallulah having a pamper session in their matching PJs

Not to be biased but this one is our personal favourite… In the midst of the last lockdown there was a lot of pressure to be productive, decorate your house, make a three course meal, bake banana bread every day, exercise and do about 500 crafts all before lunch. This time round, we’ll be taking things easy. Put on your cosiest PJ’s (we’ll be wearing our Tiffy & Tallulah matching sets of course) and snuggle down, spending some time bonding with mini. Choose one of our exclusive pamper hampers curated for the perfect pamper activity from bed time to play pretend spa dates and relish in having a little more time with your mini.

Get Nostalgic

From Moana to Frozen there is no doubt Disney have made some incredible movies in recent years, but chances are your mini has watched them oh about 1000 times by now… Why not mix things up this lockdown and share some of your own personal classics with your mini? From watching your favourite childhood tv show or movie, or reading them your favourite book of all time, it makes for the perfect moment of bonding time, made extra personal with some old comforts.

Christmas Crafts

Oookay, so we said no crafts, but these ones will actually come in handy! This time make your crafts seasonal! From Christmas cards to personalised wrapping paper, popcorn and cranberry Christmas tree trimmings to wreaths for your front door, this lockdown we’re getting festive suuuper early. We might only be getting into November but we’re looking for an excuse to celebrate so we’re getting into the Christmas spirit early.

Got some suggestions of your own? Let us know over on Instagram @tiffyandtallulah and share your ideas!