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Creating a positive at-home routine with kids: our top tips!

Creating a positive at-home routine with kids: our top tips!

So, you’ve officially been self-isolating for a while now and turns out it’s not exactly the breeze you thought it’d be. Your new co-workers are the kids… and your little one’s new playground BFF, well, it’s you…  After a few days of fun, fun, fun (and absolutely zero alone time) you (and the minis) might be getting restless. The thing is baking, running about and playing lots of games may seem like a lot of fun but kids actually thrive off routine. So, maybe it’s time to lock down a lockdown routine…Here's our tips on creating a positive at home routine with kids. 

We’re not talking about planning every single minute of your day, more establishing a routine so you and the kids know what to expect, the same as at school. Another important thing is to keep things loose, we’ve laid out an idea for a schedule below but it all really depends on your mini, their age, their interests and what side of the bed they got out of that day! For us, we’d say keep meal times and nap times (if they have them) consistent so everyday does have a schedule, the activities and timings in between, there’s no point forcing your mini

Pre 10:00am: ok, this basically consists of everything you do before breakfast and then your first meal of the day. For some of you this time will be longer than others. So essentially, showers, getting dressed, breakfast, teeth brushing, a quick tidy round and then setting up for today’s fun!

10:00-11:00 Let’s tire out those bundles of energy! Get active- whether that’s running around the garden, a mini workout (the body coach is even doing morning PE lessons over on his insta!) some mummy and mini yoga, dancing around to your favourite songs- basically anything that gets their hearts beating and their feet moving! Finish with a lot of water and a healthy snack.

11:00-12:00 Messy play! Painting, crafting and the like. Make necklaces, do bubble paintings or follow along a painting tutorial on YouTube (you might even have a future Bob Ross on your hands!)

12:00-13:00 Lunch (re-fuel the little ones and you!)

13:00-15:00 Finally, it’s nap time! Maybe followed by a little bit of tv time.

15:00-17:00 quiet time (is there ever such a thing?) Reading, puzzles, some learning (numbers, alphabet etc.) if needed, revert back to something a little more active or something like baking.

17:00-18:00 Dinner (woo!)

18:00-19:30 Wind down time, someone read me a story!  

19:30: Bedtime

20:00 You time!

& that’s pretty much it. Like we said, the above is just a guideline but gives you a starting point for thinking about your own routine. Plus, an organised and predictable home routine will help the little ones (and you) feel a little more stable during this crazy time. Hope you’re all staying safe, much love Tiffy and Tallulah xx