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Celebrating Easter at Home (Last minute plans!)

Celebrating Easter at Home (Last minute plans!)

Easter morning can be one of the most treasured holidays of the year for both you and your mini’s. For them, it’s waking up going on an Easter egg hunt. Getting crafty with some Easter inspired pictures, hats, Easter baskets and even creating their very own homemade Easter Bunny outfits! For you, it’s seeing the smiles and laughter on their faces and the togetherness that this Easter brings. Oh and the chocolate of course... 

However, we'll forgive you if like us, this year Easter has really crept up on you. There's a lot going in the world, and we can’t believe the bank holiday is already here. Need some last minute, grab what you’ve got around the house kind of activities? Read on to see what fun Easter traditions we think you’ll love...

Creating a Family Easter Tradition

If you don’t have an Easter tradition, don’t worry it’s never too late to start… Easter traditions give you and families fun ways to celebrate one of the oldest holidays in the world and when's a better time to start one than now... 

Here's some of our fun Easter ideas you and your mini’s can do together with stuff you probably have lying around the house. 

  1. Make your very own Easter Egg Hunt so your mini’s can enjoy the magic of the Easter Bunny! You can have plenty of fun in your own back garden or even around the house. Go all out and do it treasure hunt style, leave clue cards around the house or a trail of mini eggs that leads the way to a big hamper. 

  2. Easter Games! Bean bag races, egg and spoon, three legged races, wheelbarrow races- who needs sports day?! It gets everyone out the house and is guaranteed to wear out those minis on a sugar rush. 

  3. Fashion show! From Easter Bonnets to a full on Easter Bunny costume it's time to raid the dressing up drawer. Finish with a full-on red carpet fashion show (all participants get a chocolate prize... of course!) 

  4. Easter Themed picnic. From scotch eggs to easter eggs, bunny shaped sandwiches or hot cross buns, if it's sunny out take it into your garden, if not a picnic blanket on the living floor is just as fun. , 

  5. Got any potatoes lying about? Thought so… why not try to make Easter egg potato stamps! It’s super easy and fun, they can be used to make homemade Easter card or pictures. Learn how here!

  6. Dyeing eggs is one of the most popular Easter activities to do with your mini’s. It’s not just your standard coloured dyes anymore. From silk tie, Scotch taped or mod podge to pressed flowers, melted crayon or shaving cream, there are hundreds of different decorating ideas for colouring eggs this Easter… So give it a go and show us how you get on!

  7. How about turning your mini’s footprint into a carrot and making the Easter bunny a delicious treat! All you’ll need is some card, paint strips of green for carrot top, and tape. Learn how here

  8. Bake some Easter Goodies. Breaking out the baking tins, mixing bowls and aprons creates plenty of fun you and your mini in the kitchen. Baking Easter bunny cookies, carrot cake, or cupcakes will put a smile on everyone’s face and leave the whole family wanting more. Our minis love to help mummy and daddy with almost everything, so lend them a mixing spoon and let the fun begin.

Got any Easter traditions of your own? Let us know @tiffyandtallulah xx