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5 Fun Ways to Bond with Your Mini this Mother’s Day

5 Fun Ways to Bond with Your Mini this Mother’s Day
Whether your Mother’s Day means being treated to breakfast in bed, getting pampered all day long or just keeping your little one/s entertained, the most important part of this day is the reason you’re celebrating it in the first place — your amazing mini! From brunch dates to pampering sessions, check out these 5 fun ways to bond with your mini this Mother’s Day.
Make Mother's Day Memorable. Tiffy & Tallulah snuggling in bed with matching sleep masks.

Make a photo collage
Ahead of Mother’s Day get a load of your favourite photos printed, pick up some cute collage books, fun stickers and ribbons and set up a fun craft station! From baby photos to your most recent holiday, making your own photo collages and decorated albums is the perfect way for the whole family to reflect on precious memories and spend bonding moments together. Plus, you’ll be left with something cute to look back on in future years.   
Get pampered
Bath Time
At some point this Mother's Day you might just want a little alone time for some rest and relaxation. An easy to ensure you get what you deserve —asking for it in advance. For instance, a few days before Mother's Day, give your partner or kids a list of ‘services’ you desire, things like a lie in till 9am, a soothing hot bath or breakfast in bed! Chances are your minis will find pampering mummy a fun game too! Here to make you feel extra special this Mother’s Day have you seen our Made for Mummy Mother’s Day Hamper?  With a pair of 100% cotton PJs, a Strawberry & Coconut Bath Soak, soothing Sheet Masks and a Vegan Silk Sleep Mask – a luxurious gift mummy deserves to be treated to. 
Mummy & Mini
Although time spent pampering in peace is always a treat it feels like a shame to leave mini out of the fun… Why not treat yourself to (or ask to be treated to) a Tiffy & Tallulah Mother's Day Hamper ahead of the special day. The perfect treat for both mummy & mini, create the perfect pampering experiences, from play pretend spa days to princess playtime you can both enjoy for hours. Whether it’s our Bath Time Dreams hamper to turn bath time into bonding time or our Princess Playtime hamper for a little beauty bonding that makes Mother’s Day memorable.
Sweet Treats
Why not have some fun in the kitchen? The kind that ends in a sweet treat of course…baking! Choose a recipe together then get your mini to help with the measuring, mixing and most importantly decorating! Although make sure to make a few that haven’t been touched by little hands juuust in case…
Let your mini call the shots
Tallulah Playing with her fluffy hair bow
Tell your mini you’re going to spend the afternoon with them and have them decide what you'll do together. Whether it’s going to soft play, playing dress up or arts and crafts activities, follow their lead and praise them for whatever choice they make!
Got a Mother’s Day tradition you’d love to share? Get in touch over on our Instagram @tiffyandtallulah we’d love to hear them!